Nagradni natečaj za najboljšo zgodbo na MokuMatsuriju - zgodba 1

The world was covered in darkness, and nobody knew how to return to normality. But one day, Ajax, a ninja Kekec, who lives removed from the civilisation in the Julian Alps, found the way to bring back the light to the world. This happened when he was hunting in the mountains and tripped over an old book, which contains this legend:
“When the world fell into darkness, you have been chosen to fight against it. The sacred sword will be your best ally, because you can kill the mighty goblin Zlatko, Gaulag, (who is tormenting the world) with it.
Your mission is to go to Japan and take the sword from the Shinigami temple. Then, you are ready to kill Gaulag. But be careful, don’t sink into the shadows. The world is in your hands.”
After reading this, our hero Ajax started his mission and travelled from Slovenia to Japan. When he arrived from the temple and took the sword, something came up from it. It was the Shinigami who told Ajax how to find Gaulag. He must go to the oldest cave in the world “Phraya Nakhonu”, where Gaulag is absorbing all the light in order to turn it into his own happiness.

Ajax, who was brave and strong, spent months surviving and fighting against the darkness before finding the cave. All this time was useful as a training for the battle.

In the entrance of the cave, he felt a strange energy. He wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen. A blinding light at the bottom of the cave guided him. And there was Gaulag, a mythological creature, dancing and jumping to all sides. For that reason it was too hard to kill it, not just for the unstoppable moving, but for finding out that it wasn’t evil; it was just a creature that needs that energy to feed himself. Ayax had a dilemma, but he knew he had to kill it to save the world. So he took the sword and stuck it in Gaulag’s heart. At that moment, the soul came out as a light ray and covered the world in the light again. But our hero knew that Gaulag’s death wasn’t completely fair.

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  1. ok, I call this a cliffhanger. I demand the continuation.


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