Nagradni natečaj za najboljšo zgodbo na MokuMatsuriju - zgodba 3

They would need to find a place to rest for the night soon. Darkness was falling across the Shadow forest and it wasn’t a place where a human or goblin would want to be caught out in the open. Knowing his companion Goblin Zlatko, they would probably be camping in a cave again. But they were running out of time.

They had been travelling together for months now, hunting for a rumoured soul mage living in the cursed forests of Slovenia. He couldn’t wait to get his body back. It just wasn’t the same fighting in a goblin’s body. The sword just didn’t feel right in his hand. He was really looking forward to being able to stay in fancy inns and take hot baths again.

Climbing a hill to find a cave, he suddenly heard a shout: “Ninja Kekec, I can see the mage’s tower!”

He turned to his companion and then they both started sprinting through the forest. They quickly reached the tower.

As they walked up to the door, it opened to a tall, wizened old man wearing a fluffy bathrobe over comfy-looking pyjamas. He had a scowl on his face, but after explaining their situation, about the curse by a Kappa from Japan, the months of travelling and everything they went through, he decided to help them and quickly removed the curse. He could now finally see the light at the end of his long journey, glad that everything turned out for the best.

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